“Travis Kowalski is a great instructor. My daughter felt very comfortable learning how to drive with him. He was very patient with her and made the experience enjoyable. He also really did a great job of building her confidence as she was very nervous about driving. I too had lots of reservations about my daughter’s driving skills; however, Travis convinced me to give her as many opportunities to drive as possible. I finally had to let my baby grow up and get behind the wheel. My daughter not only passed her drivers test but scored quite well on the test because TRAVIS taught her the RULES of the road. The lady at the DMV was impressed with her driving. Today she is a very conscientious driver because she had an instructor who instilled in her that safety is crucial. Thanks Travis!”

Donna Callaway


“The experience we have had with Travis Kowalski has been a five star rating! I would highly recommend taking your driving class and driving test with Mr. Kowalski, because he takes his job very serious. He prepares our teenagers for a very important milestone in their lives, driving. He not only prepares them, he shows calmness, supportive, flexible in scheduling driving times and gives them the confidence they need.”

Sandy Wall


“From whiplash to drivers license… I couldn’t have survived this without Travis and Richard. From OMGosh…we almost crashed..to Jamming the tunes and cruising around spending time with my teenager. I love the availability for figuring out how to teach my child to drive and the feedback I received. Very reassuring for parents and my son was extremely comfortable with the class, structure, and driving. I did extra lessons also which were easy to get scheduled. I wish there was a discount for purchasing a block of extra lessons though. Because I think we purchased 5 or 6 at $35 an hour. The final one was great where my son was taken on a mock drivers test the day before his test. He was very relaxed after doing that and was ready for the exam. He passed first round and he didn’t start out knowing anything about a vehicle.”

Melissa Mouradian


“Taking drivers ed with Mr. Kowalski was not only a great learning experience but an overall good time.  He always made things enjoyable to learn and had exciting ways to teach us.  The flexibility that he had in order to get in all of our driving hours was perfect for someone like me with a busy schedule.  Mr. Kowalski prepared me very well for the final drivers test in which I confidently went into knowing I could pass.  I strongly recommend taking drivers ed through Mississippi Valley Driving School.”

Ashley Kromke


“Mr. Kowalski does a fantastic job of providing an appropriate environment for learning how to drive. The class is serious to the point where it needs to be in that driving is a serious responsibility, and if you’re not careful on the road, serious accidents can occur. Mr. Kowalski did a great job putting this into perspective for our class, and teaching us how to avoid these accidents. He was able to do all this while still creating a fun environment for drivers ed by incorporating videos and even a driving simulator! I highly recommend taking driver’s ed with Mr. Kowalski.”

Brett Davis


“I strongly recommend taking drivers ed with Mr. Kowalski.  In his class we not only learned the rules and guidelines but how to handle actual driving situations.  The driving simulator was a big help in making me more comfortable on the road.  During behind the wheel sessions, Mr. Kowalski stayed calm and didn’t make me feel nervous.  I feel that I passed my road test on the first try because I had such a positive experience.  Still today, I go back to what I learned while I’m driving.  If you want a fun and applicable drivers ed class, Mr. Kowalski is the only way to go!!”

Alyssa Beatty


“My drivers education class was one of a kind. Not only were we taught the basic skills needed for driving a vehicle, but we also were given helpful tips for better driving. The class was both fun and informative. We all got to practice on the very realistic driving simulator, which was a blast! When it came time to the behind the wheel portion I was very comfortable and confident in using what I had learned in real life. Over all I would highly recommend taking this course with Mississippi Valley Driving. It is an experience you will never forget!”

Alec Nissen


“Having taken my behind the wheel lessons with Mr. Kowalski I can honestly say it was a positive experience.  I always felt very safe and comfortable during my lessons.  Mr. Kowalski has a relaxed instructing style yet he taught me everything I needed to know about being a cautious, alert, and safe driver.  I would strongly encourage and recommend taking drivers ed with Mr. Kowalski.”

Kelsey Koelbl


“When I was in my driver’s ed class I actually learned about driving.  You don’t just learn out of the book.  Mr. Kowalski teaches it and then tests you to see what you have learned.  He is very flexible with your driving hours which was really helpful with sports and other after school activities.  I liked it when I had behind the wheel because I didn’t just sit there awkwardly for 2 hours.  Mr. Kowalski does his best to partner you with someone you know.  I highly recommend taking drivers ed with Mr. Kowalski, I’m extremely happy I did.”

Cassie Schmidt


“Taking drivers ed at Mississippi Valley Driving School was a fun way to get my license. Mr Kowalski had a fun classroom environment and added a positive feel to the class everyday. While driving he made me feel comfortable by staying calm when I did things wrong and encouraged me when I did things well. Overall I had a great time learning rules of the road with a great instructor.”

Jeremiah Schippers