Why do people choose Mississippi Valley Driving?

We take pride in the fact that we can offer a personal experience for all of our student drivers since we are a small locally owned company.

All of our instructors are fully certified in drivers education as well as K-12 staff.

Our 7 certified instructors have over 100 years of combined teaching experience!!  Not many schools can say the same!!

We offer flexible payment plans to fit the needs of all families.

At this time Mississippi Valley Driving School is only offering Behind the Wheel training to students who take classroom instruction through us.  If you take the classroom portion at another school you should contact them to do Behind the Wheel.

Upcoming Sessions – 2023

(All Classes will be held in Room 510 @ Holmen High School)

June 5th – June 23rd, 10am – 12pm, Monday-Friday

July 24th – August 11th, 8am – 10am, Monday – Friday

October 16 – November 3, 3pm – 5pm, Monday – Friday

Online Drivers Education Class

Process for signing up for Online Drivers Ed:

  1. Print, fill out, and mail the registration form.
  2. Once we receive your information it will be processed to get a login and password generated.  You will receive an email stating you have been signed up.  The email is proof your registration has been received and processed.
  4. Once you receive the mailed copy of paperwork you will be able to start taking the class online.  You will usually receive the paperwork to start the class within 3-4 days of everything being processed by us.

Charity and Donations

Mississippi Valley Driving is dedicated to giving back to local charities and organizations.  In fact, over $10 is donated for every student that takes drivers ed with us.  Since May of 2015 Mississippi Valley Driving has donated over $30,000 to local charities and organizations.  We want to give back to the community!!!  Charities include:

Driven Scholarships, Jaden’s Journey, Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, Champ I AM Training, Kicking Bear Foundation, Holmen High School, Tyler Shockey Cancer Benefit, Holmen’s Hope, MVC Conference Track Meet, Holmen Football, Holmen Baseball, Holmen Cross Country, Holmen Dance Team, Holmen Entrepreneur, Holmen Marketing, Holmen Wrestling, La Crosse Lightning, Holmen Youth Baseball, Holmen Softball, Holmen Cross Country, HYBPAI, Extra Innings Baseball, Holmen Booster Club, Holmen DECA, and Dancing with the Sports Stars.


DMV Road Test

Click the DMV Road Test button to sign up for the BEHIND THE WHEEL test at your local DMV.  

“Learning how to drive is a scary thing, especially for me considering I felt anxiety driving around a parking lot when I first got my permit. I owe my driving skills to Mr. Kowalski.  He is a great instructor for many reasons― he will continue to go over anything with you until you are more than confident with whatever the task may be.  When you make a mistake he does not make you feel bad about that mistake, but communicates with you on where you made your error and how you can improve your skills until you feel confident. Within each session you learn so much about driving. He does a great job balancing teaching new skills while additionally reviewing past skills so you are ready for your test. By your last session you will feel confident enough to pass your test. I highly recommend Mr. Kowalski as your driver instructor for his great driving knowledge and the positive environment he offers to make driving a great time!” 

Nicole Sisul – Student

“Travis Kowalski is a great instructor. My daughter felt very comfortable learning how to drive with him. He was very patient with her and made the experience enjoyable. He also really did a great job of building her confidence as she was very nervous about driving. I too had lots of reservations about my daughter’s driving skills; however, Travis convinced me to give her as many opportunities to drive as possible. I finally had to let my baby grow up and get behind the wheel. My daughter not only passed her drivers test but scored quite well on the test because TRAVIS taught her the RULES of the road. The lady at the DMV was impressed with her driving. Today she is a very conscientious driver because she had an instructor who instilled in her that safety is crucial. Thanks Travis!”

Donna Callaway – Parent