Online Drivers Ed

When your son or daughter is too busy to complete Drivers Ed in a traditional classroom, turn to the online version!!

Is Online Drivers Ed classroom for me?

Do you:

  1. Play a sport?
  2. Participate in a club or organization after school?
  3. Have a demanding class schedule with a lot of homework?
  4. Enjoy working at your own pace?
  5. Feel more comfortable working at home?

If you answered yes to any of the questions you are a good fit for the online classroom.

Will the Online Classroom prepare my son/daughter for driving?

Absolutely.  The program was designed by the Wisconsin Professional Driving School Association and meets very strict DOT standards.  It covers all of the information your son/daughter will need to pass their Permit Test.  The physical classroom and online classroom meet the same DOT standards.

Is there a difference in cost to complete the classroom online?

No. The cost is $125 whether you complete the physical classroom or online classroom.  The behind the wheel portion is $225.

Can my son/daughter still complete behind the wheel with Mississippi Valley Driving if they take the class online?

Yes, students are still able to take behind the wheel with Mississippi Valley Driving.

How do I sign up for the Online Classroom?

The registration form can be found on the home page or by clicking the tab below.  Fill the registration out and follow the instructions on the form to submit it.  It takes about 1-2 business days to start taking the class after we receive the registration form.

Online Drivers Education Class

Process for signing up for Online Drivers Ed:

  1. Print, fill out, and mail the registration form.
  2. Once we receive your information it will be processed to get a login and password generated.  You will receive an email stating you have been signed up.  The email is proof your registration has been received and processed.
  4. Once you receive the mailed copy of paperwork you will be able to start taking the class online.  You will usually receive the paperwork to start the class within 3-4 days of everything being processed by us.


If you are experiencing any problems with the online classroom please refer to the information below to answer any questions/problems you may be experiencing.


Course Summary

There are 60 lessons (called Units).  Each unit is 30 minutes long.  You can complete a maximum of 4 Units/day.  The course can be completed in a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 6 months.

Audio for Units

Several of the units DO NOT have any audio in the unit.  The unit was developed that way as there is no need to have audio in some units.  UNIT ONE DOES NOT HAVE ANY AUDIO.


If a student using the main program receives an error message indicating a TOKEN FAILURE, it means that the student took longer than the allotted time to complete the unit.  There is a set time for each unit to be completed in.  That time is between 45 – 60 minutes.  If the student does not complete the unit within that time frame, the system will automatically shut down.  This is to keep the student from starting the unit video and then doing other things.

If the student gets the TOKEN FAILURE message, they must log out of the program, close the browser, and then log in from the main page and NOT the unit home page.  If they do not log out of the program, they will get a SERVER ERROR when they hit the COMPLETED button at the bottom of the unit page.

Getting SERVER ERROR message when hitting COMPLETED button.

If the student is not correctly logged into the program, the system will not know whom to give unit completion to and will result in a SERVER ERROR message.  The student will still be able to watch the unit but will not receive completion credit due to the system not knowing whom to give the completion credit to.

On the top right of the program page it will indicate if the student is logged in.  If they are logged in correctly, it will say  “ Hello – 000-0000 (student’s username)”  If the student’s username does not appear at the top right of the page, the student is not logged in correctly.


Please make sure not to bookmark the unit home page.  This is the page that shows the list of units. You must access the program from the main page at: may be bookmarked.  The system will not work properly if you don’t enter from the main page.

Logging out after each unit when using Main Program

For the program to run properly, please logout after completing each unit.  Each unit is set with a timed Token that expires.  Once the Token expires, the student may be able to continue using the program but it will no longer register the student’s unit completions.

Each time you login, the Token timer starts over.  If you do not logout after the completion of each unit, the Token timer may expire and you will receive a SERVER ERROR message.